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(Draft Questionnaire for online system Developed by Department)

1. The user confirm that his/her identity is correct-the user has used the services of the departments both pre-reformed and post-reformed period, i.e he is the right user to give feedback.
2. Process of application to avail various depertmental services has become easier.
3. The application form have been simplified and made online making it easier for user to fill the form and get regular information about the status of their application.
4. The departmental website provide all the informations regarding the services being provided by the department. All information pertaining to Appliaction process, Fee requirment, Document requirment etc are available on the departmental website.
5. The Government has introduced Online payment allong with online application system making it easier for users to make instant payment.
6. All the online system have provision for online upload of necessery documents.
7. The time taken for the application process has reduced signficantly since introduction of the single window system and Odsiha Right to Public Aervice Act 2012.
8. Grivance redressal has become easier due to availbility of multiple channel to report grivance.
9. The new system is easy, User friendly, Less time taking, Free from harassment and much better than the earlier system.