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About Us

Odisha State Beverages Corporation was incorporated as a company in the month of November 2000 under the companies Act 1956. This is a company fully owned by the Govt. of Odisha with paid up capital of Rs. 1 crore and authorized capital of Rs. 5 crore.

Under Section 20-A of Bihar and Orissa Excise Act, 1915, and by virtue of a notification no. 514/Ex. dated 31.1. 2001 of Government in Excise Department, the right to carry on the importing, exporting and the wholesale trade and distribution of foreign liquor in the State solely vest in OSBC Ltd.

The main purpose with which the corporation has come into being is:

  • To provide transparency in distribution and supply system of
    • Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)
    • Foreign Made Foreign Liquor (FMFL)
    • Country Spirit (CS)
    • Beer
  • To exercise control over quality of the same.
  • To sell the same to the licensed retail vendors who then sell it to the consumers at their designated retail outlets in the State and, further, to garner revenue to the State exchequer.

The Corporation purchases IMFL/FMFL/ Beer from suppliers/ manufacturers who are registered with OSBC. It purchases CS from Aska Cooperative Sugar Industry Limited (ACSIL).

At its depot points, the Company sells IMFL/FMFL/Beer/C.S. to the licenced retail vendors. The retail vendors include Licensees of OFF Shops (FL & CS) as well as ON Shops (Hotels, Restaurants etc.)

Odisha State Beverages Corporation Limited
2nd Floor, Fortune Towers, Chandrasekharpur,
Bhubaneswar-751023 (Odisha)
Phone : 0674 2303972